Selections from the 2021 ARTABILITY Exhibition will be on view at the Hamptons Fine Art Fair
(HFAF) from July 14-17, 2022. HFAF is an upscale art fair for serious collectors that takes place
on the Southampton Fairgrounds. In its inaugural year, the fair saw over 5,000 visitors,
surpassing its goal and cementing its place as the elite fair that Hamptonites have sought for
years. The inclusion and presence of works from the ARTABILITY collection within such a high-caliber and prestigious location marks a monumental step towards breaking down some of the barriers that exist both physically and institutionally within the art sector with regards to the special needs community. It helps dispel false perceptions of what people with disabilities are capable of achieving, while creating an opportunity to have their work seen and appreciated by serious collectors. The artwork on view at HFAF will not be for sale. Instead, the intention behind the exhibition is to facilitate conversations about and action towards a richer and more inclusive art sector.

In addition, the Spirit of Huntington Art Center (SOH) and HFAF will present a thirty-minute conversation on the importance of creative expression and impact it has and the freedom it brings to individuals with special needs. This panel discussion will take place on Saturday, July 16th at 11:30 in the VIP tent and will be preceded by a light breakfast beginning at 11:00am.

The panel will feature individuals representing different areas of the disability service sector as
well as prominent names in the Hamptons art community, including:
Charles Evdos – Executive Director, Rise Life Services
Michael Kitakis – Executive Director, Spirit of Huntington Art Center
Dr. Harvey Manes – Art Collector and Philanthropist
Victoria Schneps – President & Publisher, Schneps Media and Founder of Life’s WORC
Nicole Wolf – Senior VP of Community Services, FREE- Family Residences and Essential Enterprises

Moderated by: 

Rick Friedman – Founder, Hamptons Fine Art Fair

Lauren Wagner – Director of ARTABILITY, Spirit of Huntington Art Center.

ARTABILITY is a traveling special needs art exhibition organized by the Spirit of Huntington Art
Center that showcases the talents of individuals on Long Island living with various physical and
cognitive impairments. Its purpose is to educate the community about the remarkable talents
of people with disabilities, inspire people to reach beyond their limitations to explore their own
creativity, and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the arts.
The artwork is created through Spirit of Huntington’s Artists Come Alive program, a series of
classes that introduces students to the lives of famous artists through an interactive slide show
presentation which tells the story of the challenges the artists overcame through their art. The
program, which sees over 250 participants a week, empowers students by tapping into their
natural artistic abilities and encouraging them to create their own masterpieces and channel
their emotions and feelings through their work. The result is a collection of incredibly unique
and expressive artworks where each piece tells a remarkably personal story of each artist.
ARTABILITY is a direct result of the dedication of some of the best disability service
organizations on Long Island. Our partner organizations are committed to bringing arts
education, therapy, and opportunity to individuals with special needs.

These partners include:

-AHRC Nassau

-AIM Network

-Blue Umbrella Experience

-Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau

-East End Disability Associates

-FREE (Family Residences and Essential Enterprises)

-Halo Network

-IGHL Associates

-Life’s WORC

-Pal-o-Mine Equestrian

-RISE Life Services

-South Huntington School District

-SYJCC Butler Center

-The Mid-Island YJCC Adler Center for Special Needs


Contact us for more ticket details at 631 470 9620!