Who We Are

The Spirit of Huntington Art Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that ignites the passion of students of all ages and abilities for creative expression that transforms lives.

Our Center is built on a foundation of love that fosters problem solving and free expression that can help nurture students of all ages through educational and pre-vocational training in our structured, safe environment.

All ages and abilities welcome.

Creative Classes

One of our most popular programs presents a set of weekly activites including art, clay, music and movement classes. These are a series of classes that introduce students to the lives of famous artists and the challenges they overcame through their art. 

Our program empowers students by tapping into their natural creative abilities and encouraging them to create their own masterpieces and channel their emotions and feelings through the arts.

Shows & Events

The ArtAbility Tour is a traveling art exhibition organized by the Spirit of Huntington Art Center that showcases the talents of over 50 individuals on Long Island who live with various physical and cognitive impairments to promote inclusion and diversity in the arts.

Our exhibitions make each and every student feel acknowledged, appreciated, and celebrated. All artwork made by our students is available for purchase. Proceeds go directly back into class funding.


Education for Digital Art and Design

ArtWORKS™ is an innovative program that offers personalized pre-vocational training by providing students with skills and knowledge to work with digital art, computer graphics, and social media management.

With unemployment at 85% for young adults with special needs, ArtWORKS offers workplace applications through internships at our beautiful facility. Participants at The Old Library incorporate their special abilities and learn to practice the hard and soft skills needed to work in today’s world of websites, social media, and digital graphic arts.

The Canvas

The latest in news for Spirit of Huntington Art Center.

YJCC Adler & Butler Centers’ Artistic Journey

YJCC Adler & Butler Centers’ Artistic Journey

We were abuzz with excitement as we unveiled an extraordinary collection of artworks created by members of the YJCC Adler & Butler Centers for Children and Adults with Special Needs. Over the past several weeks, our ArtAbility creative expression program guided...

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Artwork created from local artists to Salvador Dali, our collections have everything you’re looking for, and more!

Artists Come Alive Student Artwork

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