Create the Wonders of the World…in Summer Art Class!

Creatively Experience the Wonders Of the World through sight, sound, and motion.

Week 1 (July 26-29)- Experience the Great Pyramid of Giza– Sculpt a sarcophagus, create Hieroglyphics art, and make an ancient Egyptian Lyre as we move to Funky Tut! 

Week 2 (August 2-5)- Experience the Mystery of the Incan Ruins at Machu Picchu- Sculpt a Wild Things Monster cup as we learn about the mysteries of the jungle and artwork of Maurice Sendak, a book cover art piece that creates the magic of the wilderness. The Incas used one word “taqui” to describe dance, music, and singing, though this word in Quechua means “song” as we learn about the flutes and drums of Peru

Week 3 (August 9-12)- Experience the Colosseum- Visit Rome as we sculpt Venetian Carnival Masks, and paint a Mona Lisa self portrait, as we learn about traditional Italian accordion music and lively Queen Opera performances.

Week 4 (August 16-19)- Experience the Great Barrier Reef- Go under the sea with sea life, underwater paintings, and Pop Calypso reggae music from the movies! 

Week 5 (August 23-29)- Experience the Temple of Zeus at Olympia Greece- Sculpt like an artist from the old ruins of Greece with an ancient pot that rivals the gods of Olympia! Create Renaissance-inspired collage art with David and end with a Greek Circle dance, complete with custom Greek instruments.

Class sessions are Tuesday-Wednesday from 12:45pm-4:45pm. Call us at 631 470 9620 or visit for more information and to sign up today!