Autism Paints Sold Out Film Premiere

A life changing documentary that took 11 years to make was successfully shown in Huntington, NY to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day!

[Huntington, NY] – The success of the Autism Paints film premiere was an unforgettable kick off to Autism Awareness month. The event was promoted by The Spirit of Huntington Art Center and hosted by the Cinema Arts Center occurred on April 2nd 2023 which happens to be World Autism Awareness Day. Individuals all over Long Island came together raise awareness about inclusion and diversity in the arts, and celebrate the progress and growth that has been made through the Spirit of Huntington Art Center.

Hundreds of people all over Long Island gathered to view this SOLD OUT showing. This film premiere engaged and connected with such a wide range of people, including individuals on the autism spectrum, families, friends, and supporters. The event offered a sense of community and shared purpose, which can be empowering and uplifting for those affected by autism. In addition to raising awareness, the event brought together people from all walks of life to help create a more inclusive and understanding society. 

After the showing everyone joined together in the cafe to enjoy live music, refreshments, raffle baskets and our very own students art on display. The room was filled with high spirits and many positive emotions which created a warm environment for community networking.

Over the years, The Spirit of Huntington Art center has raised awareness to support diversity, inclusion and equity for everyone of all ages and all abilities which is beautifully captured in the Autism Paints film. The success of this film is a testament to the power of collective action and the importance of perseverance. The entire event was covered by the Long Island Press and can be found here.

Panel Discussion

Dominick Mavellia

Dominick Mavellia

Spirit of Huntington Board Member & Real Estate Developer

Erich Preis

Erich Preis

Founder of The Spirit of Huntington Art Center

David Stagnari

David Stagnari

Producer, Photographer, Editor & Director

Charles Evdos

Charles Evdos

Executive Director of Rise Life Services

The panel discussion was hosted prior to the film premeire and was presented to a sold out audience of over 200 people. Our panel discussion including Dominick Mavellia, Erich Preis, David Stagnari, and Charles Evdos gave the audience exclusive insight into the past, present and future of the Spirit of Huntington Art Center.  Moderated by Michael Kitakis, the current Executive Director of The Spirit of Huntington Art Center guided the  conversation and gave all the speakers an opportunity to contribute their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives towards the production of the film.

The guest speakers assisted in promoting dialogue for inclusion and diversity in the arts while gaining a deeper understanding of The Spirit of Huntington’s mission, vission and values.

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