Spirit Of Huntington Commences 2024 ArtAbility : 

On Tour, A Traveling Art Exhibition, With Fiserv, Inc. In Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

by Brandon Meoli | April 26, 2024 | Blog, Storytelling

Summary: The Spirit of Huntington begins their Traveling Art Exhibition at the Fiserv, Incorperated building featuring the talents of their many passionate students.

Our artists of all abilities have developed numerous works to display on tour! The classes provided by our organization assist individuals of all ages diagnosed with cognitive, physical, social, and psychological disabilities. We teach numerous ways of making art, because it will allow us to discover how they express themselves. Additionally, their creations will determine and understand the many inner passions students want to bring to life. The works showcased on this tour will reflect on what these individuals can do. Labeled under a specified diagnosis can be concerning; however, these classes teach individuals of all background to go above and beyond their limitations.

The initiating show of this tour began on April 24, 2024, at the Fiserv, Incorporated building in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. The many remarkable creations are presented so the public could be inspired by the artists. Many, if not all, of them willfully placed their creativity to form, certainly proud of their work. They can beyond what diagnoses claim to hold them back, so their positive results lead to smiles than disappointment. The inclusion of all people is what the Spirit of Huntington Art Center strives to focus on, therefore a wide array of displays. As a result, the desire to allow opportunities flourish is truly shown when students’ works are presented and celebrated. Therefore, individuals take the challenge, and they express creativity with passion and determination. The mindset of believing they can and will is taught, however students take this motivation and go above and beyond.