Spirit of Huntington Art Center Shines at Long Island Imagine Awards

May 2, 2024 | Blog, The Canvas

Amidst cheers and applause, the Spirit of Huntington Art Center stood tall, clutching the prestigious Claire Friedlander Family Foundation Arts & Culture Award at the Long Island Imagine Awards. This recognition underscored their profound impact on Long Island’s artistic community, with a special spotlight on their ArtAbility program, a beacon of inclusivity and innovation.

For years, the Spirit of Huntington has been a nurturing ground for creativity, offering an array of workshops and programs tailored to people of all ages and abilities. Through their inclusive ethos, they empower participants to delve into various artistic mediums, fostering self-expression and forging connections within the community.

At the heart of their recognition lies the ArtAbility program, a shining example of their commitment to inclusivity. Through strategic collaborations with local organizations and schools, the Spirit of Huntington provides art sessions tailored to individuals facing challenges.  ArtAbility utilizes the transformative power of art to heal and inspire.

The Long Island Imagine Awards, including the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation, spotlight organizations that make measurable impacts, display innovation, and excel in their fields. By clinching this honor, the Spirit of Huntington is hailed for their unwavering dedication to enriching lives through art, fostering a more inclusive community.

As they continue to kindle creativity and strengthen bonds, the Spirit of Huntington Art Center remains a beacon of hope and possibility, illuminating the path towards a more vibrant and inclusive cultural landscape on Long Island.

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