The “Color My World Art Exhibition” at Queens College

Posted November 2nd, 2023

Long Island, NY – The Spirit of Huntington Art Center proudly hosted Artability 2023 on Friday, September 22nd, and Saturday, September 23rd, in what can only be described as a spectacular showcase of art, talent, and inclusivity. This two-day event, featuring a stunning collection of over 500 works or art marked Long Island’s largest art exhibit that celebrated the beauty of diversity in the arts.  

ArtABILITY ’23 is a dynamic traveling art exhibition, thoughtfully organized by the Spirit of Huntington Art Center, designed to shine a spotlight on the exceptional talents of individuals with diverse abilities within Long Island and its neighboring communities. The event’s mission is not only to highlight these remarkable talents but also to inspire everyone to transcend their boundaries and explore their own creative potential while fostering the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the world of arts.

This year’s Artability event was made possible through collaborative efforts with various partner organizations that share the same dedication to inclusivity and creativity. These valued partners included AHRC Suffolk, Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau, FREE- Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Life’s WORC, RISE Life Services, South Huntington School District, TSINY – Transitional Services of New York, Winters Center for Autism, SYJCC-Butler Center, and the Mid-Island YJCC-Adler Center for Special Needs.

The exhibition drew an enthusiastic crowd of over 500 attendees during its two-day run. In addition to the impressive visual arts on display, the event featured live music performances and provided a delightful assortment of refreshments.

Among the attendees were students, families, teachers, and members of the general public, all of whom expressed their appreciation for the event. Jacob Greene, an intern at the Spirit of Huntington Art Center, commented, “I like the art, and I considered replacing my original entry,” reflecting the inspiring impact of the artworks on display.

The success of this year’s event was made possible, in part, by the generous support of several key sponsors and organizations, including the Suffolk County Department of Economic Planning, Legislators Stephanie Bontempi, Tom Donnelly, and Manuel Esteban, as well as the TD Charitable Foundation, RISE Life Services, FREE- Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Life’s WORC, Winters Center for Autism, and AHRC Suffolk.

Artability 2023 stands as a testament to the power of art in promoting inclusion, celebrating diversity, and showcasing the incredible talents of individuals with diverse abilities. The Spirit of Huntington Art Center looks forward to continuing its mission to inspire and educate the community through art, fostering a more inclusive and creative society.