Spirit Spotlight: Ashlin Hanley

Dec 6, 2017

A girl scout since Kindergarten, Ashlin Hanley, who is now a Walt Whitman High School freshman, never ceases to aid her community. In her latest endeavor, and as an effort to earn her Girl Scout Silver Award, Hanley, 14, adopted the Spirit of Huntington Art Center and launched a supply drive to benefit the Center.

Colored pencils, markers, paints, papers and brushes were among the myriad of items that were donated!
A dedicated member of Girl Scouts Troop 899 since its inception, Hanley has quite the background in volunteering. Last year, while a Stimson Middle School student in the Center’s acclaimed “Artists Come Alive” program, Ashlin’s idea to work with the Center came to life.

The 50 hours required to earn a silver award were spent benefitting the Center in several ways. She saw that the Center could truly benefit from a supply drive, given that it is a not-for-profit organization.
From there, it became her objective to reach out to the community utilizing collection boxes, word of mouth, and social media to gather essential art materials.

Hanley also wrote, illustrated, and published her own original coloring book, entitled “A History of Portraits”. The book features reimagined illustrations of famous portraits that span five centuries of art history, which Ashlin has donated for distribution to the Art Center students.

Hanley stated that her inspiration for creating the book stemmed from her involvement in the “Artists Come Alive” program, which studies and analyzes the work of famous artists throughout history. She also volunteered in the Center, and worked as a counselor at the Center’s summer art camp.

We, the staff of the Art Center, have been incredibly fortunate to work with such an altruistic individual. Ashlin is a diligent and intrinsically motivated worker with a great artistic mind.

We’d like to propose a huge thank you to Ashlin for her dedication to the supply drive and her willingness to strive to the furthest extent possible to keep the pursuit of art alive and running in South Huntington!

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Proud grant recipient of Autism Speaks
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