Spirit of Huntington Teams Up With Above & Beyond, Inc.

We are proud to be a partner of Above & Beyond Community Classes, Inc. with our time-honoured Artists Come Alive program.

Starting next Thursday, February 25th, you can join Above & Beyond and our very own Michael and Diane for our Artists Come Alive seven-week workshop.

In this expressive art program, students discover art styles through the lives of famous artists as they express themselves interactively in a live Zoom class. Students learn through interactive slideshow presentations and stories.

Thursdays at 4pm. $300 for all 7 classes. All virtual and on Zoom.
Contact chawkins@buexperience.org to register today! You don’t want to miss out.

Also, be sure to check out the other many amazing classes Above & Beyond is offering this spring! See below for details.


The mission of Above and Beyond Community Classes, Inc. is simple. We are here to offer a variety of interactive and engaging community classes for youth and young adults.

Our goal is that students will enjoy learning while also connecting with others. Through this engagement, learning, and connecting, we are nurturing friendships and building a strong sense of belonging and community. While we are virtual at this time, we have several Long Island locations, where we will be offering in-person classes once it is safe to do so!

Check out the course offerings below and descriptive flyers can be found on our website at: https://www.abcommunityclasses.org/

Fitness & Wellness Classes:

InnerForce: Martial Arts, Personal Safety and Mindfulness Tuesdays at 5pm with Sifu Andrew

InnerForce: Martial Arts, Personal Safety and Mindfulness Thursdays at 5pm with Sifu Andrew

Yoga: Vinyasa Flow with Marisa Wednesdays at 10am

Monday Morning Workout: Your Best Self at 10am with Jason and Erin

What’s Cookin’? Dinners and Beyond with Gina Wednesdays at 5pm

Music Classes:

African Djembe Drumming with Jerome- Mondays at 11am

Music Appreciation: A Step back into the 1960’s with Jason- Mondays at 5pm

Musical Connections: How Music Unites Us with Erin- Fridays 6-7:30pm

Creative Expression Classes:

Let’s Improv! Finding your Funny with David- Thursdays at 2pm

Exploring Broadway: Scenes and Songs with David- Thursdays at 10am

Literature: Creating and Publishing Fan Fiction with Bill- Tuesdays at 2pm

Art: Artists Come Alive with Michael and Diane- Thursdays at 6pm

Personal Enrichment Classes:

Learning Spanish: Focus on Vocab with Erin- Wednesdays at 3pm

Sports History: Focus on Leadership with James- Tuesdays at 6pm

Computers Applications: Programming and More with Jen- Thursdays at 11am

Your Money: To Buy or Not to Buy with Gina- Mondays at 2pm

Communications: Finding your Voice with Helene- Mondays at 3pm

Career History: Your Job 100 Years Ago with Bill- Tuesdays at 3pm

Social and Cultural Classes:

Ethics, Pop Culture and Current Events: Living Legends with Amy- Wednesdays at 11am

Animals, Nature and You: Focus on Famous Animals with Christy- Wednesdays at 2pm

The World of Walt Disney: The Early Years with Jason- Tuesdays at 10am

World Cultures: The Joy of Virtual Expeditions with Erin- Tuesdays at 11am

Dungeons & Dragons, TableTop Gaming: A Cultural Phenomenon Explored with Bill- Wednesdays at 6pm

*Any student that takes at least one class with us will receive links to our free lunch meetings (12-12:30 Mon-Th.) and free Community Weekly Wrap Up which will be Thursdays at 3pm.

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