Spirit of Huntington Featured on A Passion for Giving with Peter Klein

Spirit of Huntington Art Center executive director Michael Kitakis and board chairman Mark Wittenberg had the pleasure of speaking with Peter Klein. Klein is the host of the podcast A Passion for Giving. Amid this intimate discussion, the two discussed all about how Spirit of Huntington came to be, the programs the Center offers and how these programs engage students, and the ways in which a nonprofit can work with both the board and volunteers to help expand the fundraising strategy.

A Passion for Giving is a podcast about non-profits and the people behind their success. Peter Klein, partner and co-founder of ALINE Wealth and President of the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation, sits down with non-profit executives, board members and their donors to explore how they function within the competitive charitable landscape to accomplish their missions.

Before coming on as full-time as Executive Director, Michael Kitakis owned a marketing agency on Long Island for over 20 years and has been in the marketing and advertising field since 1984. He has been involved in many community activities and fundraising events around Long Island. Michael’s love for creativity, art, and teaching has fueled his passion for leading the many initiatives happening at SOH as he spends countless hours creating and recreating programs for students, teachers, and clients.

Mark Wittenberg began as one of the first sculpture students at The Spirit of Huntington when it opened in January 2011 and has worked his way through the ranks to become Chairman of the Board. Mark is a Huntington-based architect who has been in business for over 17 years and has been involved with several nonprofits.

Michael and Mark join the podcast to discuss SoH initiatives and how their fee-for-service programming is providing job opportunities for students with special needs. We are humbled to be included among the few nonprofits being interviewed through this podcast. Thank you, Peter! Click below to listen.

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