Releasing The Inner Artist

Sep 27, 2019

As summer comes to a close, it’s important for us to reflect on the change coming about in our world each and every day.

Through many of us may not be comfortable with life changing as often as it does, change is nonetheless inevitable, and truly the only factor that allows things to get bigger and better. We at the Spirit of Huntington have seen vast amounts of change in the best ways imaginable.

We’ve previously spoken on behalf of changes with the new workshops we added this summer, as well as the new digital art program we’ve implemented: ArtWorks. But the biggest change perhaps lies within our students. Our student base, which is made up of many students with special needs, is a facet which makes Spirit of Huntington stand out, and makes us proud to be serving our local community.

We recently concluded our eighth-year installment of our Artists Come Alive summer workshop, and we could not be prouder with how everything turned out. Our camp-goers created amazing pieces, and learned to tell their own stories in the process.

One important message we’ll be taking home this year is that everyone has a story. Though we each go through adversity in our own unique ways, whether it be issues on the job, difficulties communicating with others, or just having an overall bad day, adversity gets to us all, and when it rains, it pours.

We often encounter a crossroads when this ensues: we either throw in the towel or find ways to channel that pain.

For the students at the Spirit of Huntington Art Center, it’s always the latter. Navigating life can be especially tough with special needs, but our students always find ways the release their inner artist and get straight to work. Having their own unique stories to tell, we find that many of them are reluctant to head back home once the class ends. They’ll hold on to those paintbrushes for as long as they can.

Storytelling is what makes us real. It’s what makes every work of art and every artist different. That could not be more evident with our Artists Come Alive crew, who worked tirelessly to get those stories onto a canvas.

We are very fortunate to work with such talented individuals, as they help the Spirit of Huntington tell its own story every day. We couldn’t change as an organization without igniting that change in our students.