Raves About Ryan Raskin!

Sep 8, 2020

Here at the Spirit of Huntington Art Center, we have been deeply impressed by the students working in our ArtWorks program, refining their skills to prepare for careers in digital art, computer graphics, and website design with expertise in working with social media fields. One of our shining stars is Ryan Raskin, an enthusiastic student with a passion for creating original caricatures.

Ryan came to the program with a strong background in original cartooning and learned to use digital art tools and software to further his original work. In addition to developing his personal style Ryan has been able to acquire skills in the world of advertising, editorial and web design.

“Before I started ArtWorks, all I would use is a pencil and paper. Now, I use Photoshop and Illustrator to make my pictures come alive. I even started my own website!” Ryan said, noting how he has enhanced his abilities over the course of the past year.

Throughout his time in ArtWorks he has consistently led his group in projects and in original design solutions. Within the program, Ryan has become a truly independent worker and a group leader. 

He is moving on further with his original artwork and cartooning to create a series of storyboards and movie ideas for his cartoon series – “Crazy Duckling” and his many other original characters. Take a look at the portfolio of this talented designer!

For more information on how you can be a part of ArtWorks please contact Michael Kitakis at 631-470-9620, or visit artworks.spiritofhuntington.com.