Long Island’s Largest Special Needs Art Show

Oct 14, 2019

We at the Spirit of Huntington have a motto that art and creative expression can transform lives, and that certainly seems to be the case with our neuro-diverse student base. Throughout the years we’ve been in business, we’ve seen the lives of students blossom once they get the knack to create. Our class “Artists Come Alive” enables our students to learn about famous artists, the struggles and hardships they went though themselves, and how they channeled them into works of art.

Like we keep saying, everyone has a story. When words fail to communicate that story to its full extent, we must rely on art. We are excited to announce our latest initiative, ArtAbility 2019, will showcase those stories from the perspective of students with special needs.

As Long Island’s largest special needs art show, our objective for ArtAbility is to celebrate diversity and talent through amazing artwork. All pieces will be displayed at our beautiful gallery at our building in Huntington Station. We strive to fund art classes and vocational training at Spirit for a population that has an 85% unemployment rate and needs your support.

ArtAbility 2019 aims to show the impact art has on the special needs community. Since our inception, SoH has been the hub for neurodiverse artists. The notion started with our founder, Erich Preis, who himself is on the autism spectrum. Preis had a vision to open an art school for people like himself, who have struggled with self-expression. Since finding his passion with art, Erich overcame his disabilities to become a successful artist with over 80 of his pieces exhibited in galleries across the New York landscape.

“Art was always my way of communication,” says Preis. “It helped me to learn about myself and relate to others. I can relate to people with challenges because I overcame a lot myself.”

Preis is only one of the many in this population who used art to explain his story. We ask the community of Long Island and the greater New York area to come together at our event, happening November 1st and 2nd, to learn and cherish these stories to further support the landscape of neurodiversity.

Art is everywhere, and in the words of the late Vincent Van Gogh, “there is nothing truly more artistic than to love others”. To learn more about our event, click here.

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