The Spirit of Huntington Art Center is known as the community hub for Education, Vocation, and Recreation, and the centerpiece of the vocation segment is ArtWORKS, where students can build on their passion for art. The program offers personalized pre-vocational training with skills in digital art, computer graphics, and social media management.

Two established classes are currently running, and within the past month, a new intro session has begun with four students enrolled in the classes. Three young women and one young man make up this group, which is a gender shift from more recent classes. Our students are learning how to use WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and other software within the Adobe suite of programs to create their own projects. These are skills in demand with employers and small businesses in need of marketing and social media support. To see some examples of student portfolios, click on the links at the ArtWORKS tab here on our website.

With unemployment over 85% for neurodiverse young adults, ArtWORKS offers real-world workplace applications, and opportunities for internships. There is no limit to the creative expression possible within the ArtWORKS program. Contact us to learn more!


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