Brand New Summer Workshops

Jun 17, 2019

This has been a wild and crazy year for the Spirit of Huntington…especially considering it’s not even half over! A year of twist and turns, trials and errors, yet a year rooted in unconditional support and assistance from some of the best people and organizations on the planet. The Center has grown and developed tremendously within these last six months, and we are eager to showcase that through a wide array of newly-developed programs. One of which is our extensive selection of summer art workshops!

With the addition of LIU Post Art Professor Pat Aievoli and successful visual artist Anu Annam to our Spirit team, we’ve added two brand new programs to our annual summer workshop series: Game Design and Comic Book Club. These two workshops will be offered in tandem with our “Artists Come Alive!” camp, which has been a very popular program with our SoH family since 2012.

So…what are we offering in each new workshop? Great question! Let’s start with Game Design.

Game Design takes place at the Center from July 22nd to the 26th from 10:30am to 3pm each day, and is taught by Professor Pat Aievoli. Aievoli has spent the past 30 years studying the ever-changing world of digital, and has had a very successful career as a digital artist, professor, instructor, developer, and designer. His friendly demeanor and clear, cohesive approach to his programs are only a few of the many reasons students love him.

This course will introduce students to the principles and practices of game design. We will base this course on “serious games” meaning learning will be integrated in each project. Students will be encouraged to help solve “local issues” through game solutions. Using open source software for game and character creation students will be able to continue their projects even after the course has been completed.

“We’ll learn hands-on about all the major aspects of game development,” says Aievoli. “All software is free and can be used at home.”

Game Design will teach students to: Create a Game, Create Bosses, Create a Timer, Side Scroll, Design Levels, Create Collisions, Top Down, Score, Make Health Bars, Create an Object, Launch an Object, Make Character Movements, Create 2D Characters.

Comic Book Club, taught by Anu Annam, occurs August 19th through the 23rd from 12pm to 2pm (ages 10-13) and 4pm to 6pm (ages 14+) at the Center. Annam is a visual artist and animator who works closely with art organizations throughout the Long Island and greater New York City areas. She works in the arts, with children in the US and India, teaching and raising funds, due to her strong belief in art education for children.

Why join her workshop Comic Book Club? You can become the next Stan Lee! Annam will assist you in developing, planning and creating your own comic book! Bring your character to life, create a universe and develop a story which all culminates in a comic book launch party at the end of the week. Annam will offer optional tutoring services for half an hour after each class.

As you can see, the Spirit of Huntington is beyond excited to get its wheels rolling! Join us for a summer to remember.

Click here to enroll today! For additional information on the workshops, as well as our renowned “Artists Come Alive” program, go to today.

Written by James Young. Artwork by Bob Schmitz.

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