Artworks – Making Your Passion Your Life

Jul 8, 2020

There is an old proverb, “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” The difficult part is finding what you love. For some that is easier than others and for some this is the act of creating and communicating.

At the Spirit of Huntington, we believe that regardless of your current skill set your goals can be achieved through hard work, focus, and proper training. Talent is one thing but some skills can be nurtured and developed into a life and a livelihood.

The goal of our ArtWorks program is to help the special needs community to achieve the goal of self-direction. Making a life for themselves independent of support and being self-reliant. ArtWorks is geared to provide an entire curriculum of design and design skills based on the use of traditional and digital tools.

The current generation has been labeled “digital natives” they take to this new world like virtual ducks to water. The challenge is to direct that energy into usable skills. ArtWorks is structured to do just that by combining training with experiential learning. Students go through a four-level training course load interspersed with internship. Each ten-week learning package culminates in a two-week internship working within ArtWorks agency on projects for local and regional not-for-profit companies that honor and regard the special needs community. Students generate brochures, logo designs, print ads, online marketing materials, blog posts, imagery, etc.

At the end of one year students have had 8 – five-week level training in the Adobe Creative Suite along with 8 weeks of internship, plus 4 weeks of a break to practice and to absorb this new knowledge base. Our goal is to produce a self-directed, self-reliant individual who is truly “making their passion their life’s work”.