All You Need To Know About ArtWorks

Oct 1, 2019


ArtWORKS Digital Art & Design Course is kicking off Monday, October 7th!

The Spirit of Huntington Art Center understands that every student has special abilities, and provides the environment and opportunity for each student to flourish at their own pace. With proper individualized support, each student will gain and develop their own strengths and talents, and be guided through the completion of all coursework. Our goal is to aid you in your next steps towards a fulfilling and lucrative career.

What is ArtWorks?

ArtWorks is a program that provides technical training to prepare students for a career in digital art with structured classes that give them the tools needed to be successful in a job after high school and/or post-secondary education. Each student will explore various areas of study to develop essential skills and feel competent in entering today’s competitive job market.  Real work experience helps them to incorporate their special abilities and learn and practice the soft skills needed to secure and maintain employment in today’s world of websites, social media, and digital graphic arts.

Why is it important?

With unemployment at 85% for young adults with special needs, we want to help educate those who have aged out of District and move them into digital art and graphic design. We are the hub for creative expression in both fine and digital art and offer hands-on training into today’s digital sphere with real world, not-for-profit clients coming to us for logos, websites and social media opportunities to tell their unique story.

What opportunities are there?

Opportunities include employment in Advertising Agencies, Social Media Companies, Freelance Design/Illustration, Graphic Designer for Corporations, Website Design, Computer Graphics Departments, and Printing Companies.

When are the classes?

Classes are held Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 2:30pm – 4:00pm, 1.5 hours per day, for a total of 22.5 hours per session.  The full course curriculum can be found here.

Apply now and prepare to make your passion, your life!

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