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Securing The Building for Our Future

“There is nothing truly more artistic than to love others.”

– Vincent Van Gogh

We are pleased and proud to announce our intention to acquire the building at 2 Melville Road North in South Huntington, where we have been leasing space from the South Huntington Union Free School District for the past 8 years. By establishing this renewed presence in the community, it will now be known as Spirit of Huntington at The Community Arts Center.

The mission of the Spirit of Huntington Art Center is simple: we believe creative expression can transform lives of students with special needs and Veterans by igniting a passion in their lives. The Center expects to continue our primary goals while expanding beyond art and vocational training to encompass education and recreation through additional studies of the arts.

You can support our vision by joining our capital campaign with your contribution of any amount! A range of options for donating is enclosed.

Donate to Save our Spirit!

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The Center has a rich history of introducing thousands of children and adults to the freedom and confidence they gain by developing their interests and passions through creative expression and art. Staff and instructors place great importance on fostering a strong sense of community thorough our commitment to diversity in populations and abilities. Our connections to organizations and officials throughout the Long Island area will enable us to fully present options for students for a wider variety of courses and programs including music, dance, performing arts and other creative expression in a fun and relaxed setting. Students and adults of all ages and abilities are welcome at the Center which over the years has become a familiar anchor for culture, art, and personal expression.

This is the first time we are reaching out to our community with a capital campaign. With our goal of $1M dollars, we are inviting everyone to share in preserving our building for students, Veterans, and artists, to help these talented individuals be seen and heard for who they are. Any donation at all will help us make an impact, creating a legacy that will stand for years to come.

Thank you in advance for your caring contribution to this cause that means so much to our community and its citizens.


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The mission of the Spirit of Huntington Community Arts Center is simple. We believe creative expression ignites a passion in students with special needs and Veterans that transforms their lives. We expect to continue pursuing these goals by transforming the old library at South Huntington into a collaborative environment for the community.

Our goals to provide services for education, vocation, and recreation will expand to encompass additional fields such as music, dance, and the performing arts, all for a diverse population.


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Thousands of students have passed  through the Center and have left with their lives changed by pursuing their passions.

Our vision is a place where students of all ages & abilities can attend classes that encourage a personalized schedule of community-based experiences aligned with goals within a student’s plan of their own choosing.

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• Transform the old library into a collaborative environment that provides services for education, vocation, and recreation for a diverse population.

• Four wings to host a variety of non-profits who are all focused on creative expression that transforms lives.

• Gateway into Huntington Station with 24,000 square feet on over 2 acres.

Our Vision

Donation Tiers

Be part of our Legacy Wall!

With your contribution, you can sponsor one or multiple 6” x 8” tiles which will become a part of a mural to be displayed at the entrance of our building.

Your sponsored tiles can display your own custom art work or you can display the work of one of our students. A piece of art may be displayed across one or multiple tiles. Your contribution will be displayed in a permanent installation as part of our building.

Donate to Save our Spirit!