Clay Comes Alive

Fall Classes


Master Series – 8 weeks
10am – 1pm

starts September 7


Master Series – 8 weeks
10am – 1pm

Adult & Teen Series – 6 weeks
5:30pm – 7:30pm

starts September 9


Kids Series – 6 weeks
(ages 9-13)
1pm – 2:30pm

starts October 2

About Gina

Gina Mars has been a Long Island teacher for 30 years. She primarily works in clay creating whimsical sculptures deriving her inspiration from the natural world around us. Animals, flowers, textures from trees to man holes give her creations a unique look and touch. In addition Gina creates functional ware out of stoneware clay that can be used in everyday life.

When she is not in her studio she teaches children and adults of all ages how to bring clay to life. Her goal is to bring creativity and happiness to anyone willing to learn. Over the last 30 years Gina has a large following of students taking classes with her. Some are hand builders, others learn the potters wheel or Raku which is an ancient technique of firing ceramics to create crackles and iridescent colors on your work. 

Gina is also known for her work with special needs students and the blind. If you can dream it, it can be a reality.