Adult Group Art Classes

Open to all abilities…all levels.

Join us we bring you our Adult Group Art Class for student artists taught by some of the most amazing teachers. 
In this expressive art program, students discover art styles through the lives of famous artists as they express themselves interactively in a live ZOOM meeting. Students learn through interactive slide show presentations and stories then create their own masterpieces emulating that artist’s style. We incorporate the history of the artist’s life including any challenges which they overcame through their art. Classes are processed-based and developmentally appropriate. 

Saturday from 12:30 to 1:20 EVERY WEEK LIVE ZOOM CLASSES

JOIN OUR LIVE ZOOM CLASSES to get your meeting ID and watch us go step by step as we guide you through the class.

Call 631-470-9620 or email:

October is full of some Creepy, Kooky, Mysterious and Spooky artists!

We will start off with a CLAUDE MONET Haystack pastel project
Then meet SALVADOR DALI as we create a surrealistic collage
BUFF MONSTER chalk drawings to add some cuteness
And the fabulous TIM BURTON with a special scratchboard project
We will end the month on Halloween with a WEARABLE MASK!

Join us on a journey of creative expression! You will get coloring sheets, materials, slide show about the artist, step by step instructions and of course all our love, spirit and support like always.

Supplies can be picked up curbside for the session or shipped in the event you can’t get out. Call or email us at

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